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Golden Retriever in need of help!


Breed: Golden Retriever

Color: Golden

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Age: 10 months old(Birthday: November 13, 2012)

Size: Big size (Weight: 32kg)

Experience: Zlatan came from Shenzhen two months ago. He is a playful and adorable boy. He gets along with other dogs, and he is very friendly to people. His family found they became too busy to take care of him after they moved to Shanghai. So they wanted to find someone who has enough time to care him and give him attention. Now he is at Buddydog to receive basic obedience training. He is very smart, and he learns fast. Also he made a great progress on socialization, now while heplays with other dogs, he is always happy to share toys with other dogs and run together with them. Please choose him, he is a really good buddy!


image image


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  1. Kylie Ericksen
    October 7, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    We would love to introduce him to our lab to make sure they get along and adopt him!

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