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Recent rescued dog – will need a home soon!

We were on our way to Shanghai American School as they hosted their BBQ Carnival and JAR was there to participate and set up the booth. We were driving along DongChuan Lu and saw a small dog and it pit stopped under a lorry. It had a chain around his neck and was super filthy.
Plan of action was to set up the booth and had volunteers man it. I then went back to the location and luckily he was still under the lorry! It took a bit of time as he was a little timid at first, but eventually he came round and started to lick my hand.  No one in the area owned him let alone know him so I bundled a towel around him and off we went to the vet.

The vet told me that he is approx 2 years old, male and he was already neutered! Another case of abandonment  😦
He is actually very friendly and sweet towards people once he gets to know them. He is a happy little fellow even though he had a tough few months or more. We are looking for a foster/permanent home for him as soon as he has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. If anyone is interested, please email us!

Thank you for your support. Please find a few pictures of him below (before grooming). I will post new photos of him after his grooming spa!




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  1. Mica
    October 30, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Oh wow, poor thing, does need a clean up, looking forward to seeing him after grooming!

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