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Black dog found…..


Dear Marvin,

Here is an attached photo of ‘Shadow’. According to the vet (I took her to Dian Dian in Thumb plaza) she is probably a year old. She is very, friendly, playful and not at all aggressive. She doesn’t like lifts/elevators, and quite wary of other dogs although she gets along fine with my pug. She is eating and drinking fine.
While walking our dog, my husband and I found her wandering in our compound last Monday evening, 14 October. She was following a Chinese lady who was trying to shoo her off. We tried to get her to follow us but she wouldn’t and followed the lady out of our compound. I then asked my husband to take our dog home and with a lead, tried to catch up but lost sight of them. So I headed back to our apartment. When I got to our block, I saw her inside. It turned out that she followed another lady who happened to “live in our block. I managed to put a lead on her with the help of my kind neighbor. She didn’t bark, she just appeared very nervous and didn’t like taking the lift.
I have put up flyers in our area hoping that someone would claim her. I would appreciate it if you could post her photo on your website and pass it along to anyone who could help. We don’t mind keeping her temporarily but, we’ve got a pug who needs a lot of care that we are not able to keep her. If anyone is willing to foster her please give them my contact details.

Greatly appreciate your help.

Kind regards
Jaylyn Burgess



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  1. Mica
    October 30, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Hi, Dont know how old this post is but has this this little dog found a foster or adopted? So cute in her photo this Shadow, I am in UK so just enquiring, and hope she will be fine.

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