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A dog needs a home in Beijing!

Good day to everyone !

I asked my new human friend to write the ad in my behalf. I do not know what my name is or how old I am.
All I know is that I urgently need help.

I am currently living in a closed corridor of a building. My owner doesn’t want me anymore and has no time for me.
She is not asking any money, just wants someone to take me away.

I do not understand what I did to deserve that. I never barked, I was always happy even when she was leaving me without food and water for a few days.  The hardest part was when no one even looked at me or remembered that I exist there closed in a corridor.
Luckily for me, good people noticed me and gave me food and water.  They are really helping me a lot but they can’t keep me because soon they are moving from China. They promised me to do everything to find me a new home.

Today my new human friend took me out after a long time that I’ve been closed.
That’s me in the picture laughing and enjoying the sun! It was really great! I had so much fun!

Please give me another chance.
You will save my life and become my hero.

You will get the most loyal friend for free that will make your life full of happiness and joy.
I won’t break your heart or turn my back on you. Please just don’t take me because you feel sorry for me, but only if you intend to accept me as a member of the family that needs love.

For now I don’t have the phone, but you can call my human friend.
She speaks English, Italian and Croatian language and she decided to help me in all languages.  🙂
Sandra +86 130 701 30 225

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