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Shanghai Dogs Fair 2013

Huge thanks and hugs to our awesome Melody who organised yet another successful Shanghai Dogs Fair event! She has been an avid JAR supporter for over 3 years and adopted a lovely dog from us. Heartfelt thanks go out to her for working hard in making her event successful, fun and educational. Many organisations were exhibiting (Beck & Stone, PAW, Globy Pet, JAR etc).
She managed to raise a whopping 11,500 RMB for JAR. This is such a generous and wonderful amount of funds raised. Well done and thank you to everyone who supported the event.

I also want to thank Agnes and her volunteer friends for ‘holding the fort’ as I was unable to attend the event as JAR had 2 other events on the go! Our Animal Adoption Day and the Shanghai Mamas event were all in the same day!
Agnes is from the Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School DP Department. They have their own club who will cooperate with JAR and the cooperation program will entail promotion, education, distribution, lectures, volunteering, service project work, fundraising, sponsoring and many more. We will collaborate and make our program solid and hopefully expand the department more.

Some pictures from the event below.

Money raised: 11,500 RMB

Expenses so far including pending fees for animals:
Transportation: 140 RMB
Marketing materials: 240 RMB 
Lunch for volunteer: 160 RMB
Supplies for the event: 400 RMB

4700 RMB for campus cat (special needs cat)
600 RMB pet supplies, toys, bones for adoption day events (Nov)
Contributions to rescuers: 1100 RMB
Pending fees for hospitals: 840 RMB
Trap, Neuter, Release Program: 900 RMB

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