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Puppies anyone???

Hi Marvin,
I forward you hereby a photo of 5 puppies…
These puppies do not have a good home as there is a 2 year old daughter there who
pick up the puppies and smashes him/her on the ground. The mom say’s that this is not good
but the daughter will not listen and keeps on doing this.
Would you please look for a foster home so that he/she can go for adoption?
Of course I also have written an email to the CCAA, but your help is much appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!


Hello all,  First I have to say; please warn all animal lovers NEVER EVER to move to Pudong! I have been living here after 5 years Puxi and I have not seen so much animals in need like here… Behind our compound are “houses” of migrant workers. They have a lot of dogs and I give them candy every day when I walk my dogs. In the beginning they were shivering when I approached them, now they come running 😉 Today the lady called me in and showed me 5 BEAUTIFUL puppies, also shivering… Please please please tell me you have a waiting list for puppies 😉 She wants to give them to me, but I already have 2 dogs, I cant take 7! Please please please help. The mom is like a streched out 30 cm high, the dad is probably the small black one, 20 cm so they will be medium doggies… With a very heavy heart, I left them with the lady… She is nice but clearly does not want them… Greetings Ilse


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