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Rescued dog – successful!

JAR wrote back as no other groups responded to her query……we made arrangements with the help from Buddy Dog (Bess and her team). Thanks to them, they rescued him and is now safe and sound in Buddy Dog’s facility.
Please see pictures of him below….we are happy that he can have a normal life and will be relocated to Austria soon 🙂

Thank you for your support BD!

Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3Res


> Hallo,
> My Name is Marion. I’m from Austria.
> My boyfriend Dominik is just on the way back home from a Business Trip to Shanghai. However, during the Last days in Shanghai he bought a dog from a man, which was living under hard conditiones.
> Now we are trying to get the dog to Austria. Because of the 3-4 months After the Injektion, which is needed to bring him per plain over there, we were forced to let the dog by his Old owner.
> Wich is Not really kind to him! Now i’m looking for an Organisation wich may help us. Is it possible that you can Take the dog for the while till he can fly? Or could you help us with the Injektion and the Animal doctor etc he needs? Of cause we would like to Pay for it! Please help us!
> Kind regard
> Marion



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