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A gorgeous Golden Retriever looking for a home….

Dear JAR.

I adopted a great mutt from you several years ago and now I find myself temporarily fostering a golden retriever.

 This little beauty was found tied up outside “The Avocado Lady” grocery store on Wulumuqi Lu. The British couple who left her there never returned. I have been fostering her for 3 days and she is a spirited rambunctious little girl perfect for a family with someone who has the time to train her properly.
She needs regular walks, lots of pets, and unfortunately house training.
I am not really up to the task as I am gone most of the day. I am working on doing the best I can to house train her in the mean time, but I know she needs a bit more love and attention than she can give because she often chews things up in the house.
She needs someone to keep a close eye on her and tire her out with lots of walks.
I am leaving for a 4 day vacation on Hong Kong on the 25th, so I really would like to find a solution by then. My dog sitter this time cannot handle such a task. Worst case scenario is I can kennel her but I don’t think that would help much with her behavior problems.
Can you please help me spread the word?
She’s in good condition with a silky golden coat and she looks super healthy.  I think she is under a year old.
My number is 186 1680 7704 if you need to call me to talk.
Thanks so much for your help! What you do is great work!

IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7484AA
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