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Woody – Stray dog in parking lot in Phuket, Thailand

Well…..a holiday is not a complete holiday if we have not done a good deed 😉 Yes, we have rescued a stray dog that we named Woody that was residing in a parking lot in Phuket! A lovely couple from Germany and Thailand kindly provided him with food and water (including the cafe owner who called Soi Dog Animal Shelter for treatment and medicine). Apparently locals in the area have tried poisoning Woody (and was successful in doing so with his companion who passed away last year). Luckily Woody did not eat the poison and kept his distance from the locals. Julia and I of course do not want his life in danger and we have been trying for the past few days asking around for help to foster or place him in a permanent home. No luck so far, however, the solution we came up with is to have him placed with the Thalang Animal Hospital who has a kennel not far from where we are staying. He can stay and receive treatment there and have the paperwork started as we are thinking of relocating him back to Shanghai!!!! A full thanks to Soi Dog Organisation for helping Woody receive his treatment (when he was rescued the first time round), Didi and Jim (couple) for taking care of him the past few years, Eric from Globy Pet, Thalang Animal Hospital and the owner of the Cafe Shop for letting him reside outside her cafe. We will know for sure what we will do for him by Monday as we only have till next Friday. We are just so glad that he is safe and away from intended harm in the future. We can relax a little to say the least 🙂 Will update again soon!


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