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Lost small, black dog

** Email received below **

Dear Marvin,

Here the information about the dog we are missing.
First the background story: on Monday, 30th December 2013, I was walking in Nanjingdonglu with my friends from Switzerland. In front of the big “forever 21”, we noticed a small dog. There was obviously nobody to whom it belonged, and we started watching closely. The dog was very afraid, did not react to talking to him,ignored some meat offered by another guy, and tried to walk on the big, dangerous street. Since We are all very familiar with dogs, we could tell that the dog must have been alone not only for 2 minutes and was terrified. We discussed what to do and we were sure that we cant just let her there. It was also trembling. We asked some policemen what is the correct thing to do but they couldn’t help. We went to see a vet with the dog at ppl square, they were friendly, provided some food, and told that it looked healthy and that she has given birth to a lot of puppies some days ago. But they neither came up with some good ideas where to go with it..”put it on a piece of grass somewhere”…
I took it to my apartment since it was already late, and we met the next day to find a solution. All contacts in the internet that we were able to reach told us to contact you, but it seemed you were out of china. Noone else could help. I couldn’t keep it either, since I live with a host which returned some days later and doesn’t allow me to keep pets. We even asked the Swiss embassy for an address of an animal shelter, but nothing. (What was really hard for us, since we knew that the family would go back to Switzerland on Wednesday and I could only keep it for some more days…) By this time, it turned out that the dog weighs about 2.5 kilogram, is very very social, quiet, no problem to carry in the taxi, no problem to shower, loves to sit on peoples legs, and follows anyone that is going to the restroom. It was obvious that it didn’t wanna be left alone. however, in the evening, a local couple i know from work, offered to take it. They came to take it on Wednesday morning, they were really nice and it seemed they kinda knew how to treat a dog.
My Swiss friends flew back home that evening.
Today, sunday 5th january, morning the couple let us know that the dog run away in the morning.

– it ran away on sunday morning, 5th january
– from Lane 2875, xiuyuan road, pudong new district
– the dog is the smallest a dog can be, some chinese breed, black (not a very dark black, some grey hair) hair that is quite soft,with a white breast, nice expression
– quite thin, especially the neck
– ears like a bat
– 2.5 kg
– it does NOT not wear a collar
– is NOT micro chiped
– it is female
– it has given birth to puppies, the teats (? That thing the puppies drink from) are still quite big
– when it is walking, the legs seem slightly stiff

Foto (1) Foto Foto image image (1)

I have cc’d my Swiss friend into this email. We are full of hope that maybe, in any way, we can find the small one like this..it would be so beautiful. It’s terrible how much worries these dogs can cause..
You can find some pictures below. Please let me know if the mail with the pictures reached you well.
We really admire what you do. Please send us some information about your organization.

It is so good we found you. Thank you soo much for offering this action!
Best regards,

Mona, Natalija, Tatjana back in Europe and Nuria, in Shanghai now. (156-0180-9292)

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