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Betsy – Looking for a home!!


Age: 3 -4 month female puppy
Size: estimated to grow into to lower medium dog

Would you like to meet me and adopt me? 

Found: I was left on the streets before Christmas with no mother, brothers or sisters. My rescuer saw me a few times and tried to say ‘Hello’ but I was scared and hid in the bushes. Eventually one day, I plucked up the courage to say ‘Hello’ to her.  My rescuer saw I was a baby; very cold, underweight and dehydrated and she took me to see the vets.  I was lucky, the vets said I wouldn’t of survived the cold.

Current home: I am living with my rescuer and she has been preparing me for life with a new family. She thinks I am the smartest puppy in China because I housetrained so quickly. I am being taught a good routine for feeding and walks and I know how to walk well on a lead. I also live with my foster sister, who is an old dog but helping me socialize well to perhaps live with other dogs in the future.

Health check: I was admitted to a foreign vet clinic for a few days. I was tested for all the virus’s and all were negative. A few days later I had my first DHPPi vaccination and will get my last DHPPi on the 16th January. I will also be ready to have my Rabies vaccination.

My character: I love to play, I have lots of toys and most times am happy playing quietly by myself.   I get excited when we go outside for a walk – at first I was scared of being left outside again – now I know I am safe, walking is my favorite thing to do. I am very curious of other doggies I don’t know and like saying hello. I am a clever and alert dog that is a very quick learner. I am housetrained and easy to handle. I have a big heart, I love being cuddled and can’t wait to be with my own family.

I am looking for
A lovely home; a couple or happy family with children, maybe even another dog.  If you are interested in meeting me, please contact my rescuer Laura on 18621096145.  I look forward to show you what a happy, cuddly and well trained girl I am.


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