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Lost Dog – Please circulate!

Dear JAR,
I was recommended to you by a friend, who was able to find her lost dog through your organization. I’m now in a similar situation, and am hoping you’d be able to provide any sort of guidance/help.
Our dog Alfie went missing on Xinzha Lu/Taixing Lu on the night of the 17th, and has been missing since. We have already been day searching everyday and posting fliers in the area where he ran off.
I’m writing you seeking some professional advice – are there any other outlets we can reach out to? Any advice at all for such a situation in Shanghai?
Many thanks in advance!
Amy Zhao


Hi Marvin
Sorry for the delayed reply, I was out searching and sticking up posters, etc, last night and this morning… We’re still quite hopeful, but I guess we need to get word out as much as possible, so if you can post some information that would be a huge help.

Alfie was adopted at a JAR Adoption Day in the Cool Docks area in March last year. He’s a typical Chinese street dog; he’s got some unusual physical traits (long body, short legs, big head!) but he’s quite smart and has good common sense, so even if someone hasn’t picked him up, I think he’ll be ok.
He has his name “Alfie” and my phone number on the round metal tag on his collar (his collar is black and he has an Australian flag on the reverse of his metal name tag). Unfortunately, while he was lost lateon Friday night, I was overseas and only notified of his disappearance on Sunday afternoon. If someone contacted me before then, they would have received a notification that my phone was switched off…

Anyway, anything you can do to help would be of huge assistance. If you need anything in return, please let us know.

Best regards


Alf_01 Alf_02

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