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Elvis & Nero – puppies looking for a permanent home…

Hey Marvin,

these are the two puppies I found two weeks ago. Same story as the four puppies I found last time. I pass by a workers site when I walk my dogs, lady comes up to me and gives me two puppies. Guess I am getting a reputation in the neighbourhood 🙂
I saw they were tiny, so I asked the lady if I could take mum too (she was clearly drained from having puppies) but that was not an option for the owners son… She said they had to leave for Chinese New Year and the puppies HAD to go… So I took the puppies home. After one week I took them to PAW for vaccinations but the vet confirmed that they were only 5,5 – 6 weeks… So too small for vaccinations, I made an appointment for 11th February.
They are doing very well, eating A LOT 🙂 I got good instructions from the vet regarding their food etc but they are always hungry and they always eat like its their last meals… Even after two weeks without mums milk, still no worms (thank God) no fleas and they are on their best behaviour. Potty training is off course still a little difficult but they are getting there…
The one without brown spots is a male, we called him Elvis. He has longer hair and looks a lot like a panda. He has the extra claws on his front and back paws.
The one with brown spots is Nero, she is a girl with shorter hair and doesn’t has the extra claws.
They both weigh 1 kg at the moment and are 6 weeks. According to my calculations on the internet, they will be around 9 kg when they are grown up. So thats the same as my dog Max, the brown one in the last picture. The vet warned me however that the declaw can be a sign of a bigger breed. Their mum is a medium sized dog of 30 cm and off course we have no idea about dad…
I went back to feed mum and take a picture of her but just as last time, the owners have packed up and left. No sign of the mum anywhere… I am still hoping they will be back after CNY but the other people also did not return, no idea what happened to the dogs and actually I think I don’t want to know… They all travel by train so they couldn’t have taken the dogs…
Well, at least I got the puppies… The vet felt it was best the puppies stay here until after vaccinations and for them to get educated by my dogs. And off course a lot of people are gone now anyway… Do you agree?
Thank you for your help.
IMG_4681 IMG_4691 IMG_4703 IMG_4726
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