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JAR AD @ Baker One (9th Feb)

A very cold and sleety day when we  had  our adoption day the Sunday just passed. Not many rescuers turned up but we were so happy to adopt out 8 animals to their new homes and 2 animals into foster care. 🙂

We want to also thank BAKER ONE restaurant and their manager (Eric) for hosting our adoption day. We are hoping to cooperate and have our 2nd adoption day at this location from now on…..hopefully.
Great efforts from our volunteers in keeping everyone upbeat especially when the weather turned and started snowing!

Good luck to all the newly adopted animals!

Donations received: 3020 RMB


Volunteer lunch/drinks:200 rmb , contributions to rescuers: 700 rmb, transportation: 150 rmb, merchandise: 245 rmb, pet supplies: 1300 rmb, medical & boarding fees: 2300 rmb

  1. Chris
    February 11, 2014 at 2:54 am

    I adopted Dream on Sunday. She is awesome! Thanks so much!

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