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2 dogs deserve a good home…

Dear Mr. Marvin,
here is our story:
One late Sunday evening end of last year we arrived at our house and found 2 seriously injured dogs which must have somehow made it to our doorstep.
We were quite shocked, gave them some water to drink (both couldn’t walk anymore) and late that night we were calling an animal hospital. We borrowed a dog-box and my husband and I put them in (the poor dogs didn’t make any noise and also had no intention to bite even though they must have been in terrible pain).
In the animal hospital we found out that “Odie” had been hit by a car and had a broken knee (what has perfectly healed in the meantime) and “Timmy” was being bitten all over his body from a much bigger dog. (We still have photos and it broke our heart to see them suffering). Almost every morning my husband drove to the Chinese market with the bicycle to buy meat, I cooded it in hot water and brought it to the animal hospital….).
The two little dogs stayed in the hospital together, now they are both sterilized, perfectly immunized, healthy, friendly, calm (not barking, not jumping on people), but sooooooooooo happy and fine in the meantime. They have names now – Timmy and Odie – and each of them a ‘shot-record-book’.
They are still in the hospital, but fine to be picked up. Since my husband has an allergy we can not keep them in the house and it would break our heart to just let them run on the street again. They really really deserve to have kind people around since they have developed into literally “alive teddy bears”, cuddly and friendly.
The vet had guessed that Timmy and Odie are about one-and-a-half years old. They are quite small, but fully grown.
Please, please let me know what I have to do to get into your program that finds somebody who could adopt.
Attached I send you some photos from Timmy and Odie.
Hoping to find a kind home for those two cuties,
We payed for the surgery-costs, we brought the food to the hospital and the doctors and helpers there are just some of the nicest people on this planet !!!!
Claudia, Gerd, Vivian and Justin
here first photos from Timmy:
Timmy-3-fine-happy-cuddly Timmy-4-fine-happy Timmy super-happy
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