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URGENT! – 2 lovely dogs looking for a home…


We are Nina (Husky girl, 6-7 years old) and Sky (Golden Retriever boy 5-6 years old). We are from the same family. We used to have a nice home and lots of love but our former family has moved back to Hong Kong recently while unfortunately we have been left behind in Shanghai. We are now under the kind care of the family maid. But she can’t stay with us for long for she has her own family back in Anhui waiting for her return. To make things worse, our house has also been rented out and the tenant will be moving in by the end of February. We need new homes urgently.

We are fully house broken, friendly and healthy. We have been properly registered; microchips implanted and have had our yearly vaccination. We love being petted and we are full of affection to our family and friends.

We are looking for families that will welcome us as the family pets and love us as family members. We will love you back. We are not working dogs.

Thank you very much!

我们是Nina (小哈女生 6到7岁) 和 Sky (金毛男生5到6岁)。我们曾经有一个很好的家庭,享受很多爱,但是最近我们的主人搬回了香港,我们却不幸被留在了上海。好心的保姆留下来照顾我们,但她有自己的家庭需要照顾,不能在上海滞留很久,而且我们的房子已经被出租,租客将在二月底搬进来。我们急需新家,否则很快就要变成无家可归的流浪狗




nina & sky

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