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JAR AD 2nd March 2014

Thank goodness for nice weather at last! It certainly helped as many visitors, rescuers, and even our volunteers turned up!
A pleasant 9 adoptions and 2 into foster care animals today!

I want to thank very much BISS (British International School) for raising a whopping 7692.50RMB on their Red Day that everyone was encouraged to wear red/Chinese costume with donation of 10 rmb. A wonderful achievement and appreciation goes out to those who was involved. Thank you!!!

As a small token to the children involved, I will send the school some JAR Stickers and badges…..

Thank you to Linda for donating super cute dog clothes and for being such a patient and pet loving individual 🙂
Huge thanks to Simone (Rescuer, foster carer and our European Liaison Officer volunteer) for donating 5 litter trays (which was contributed back to families that adopted cats today), and lastly, thanks to our lovely volunteers!

See you all again hopefully at our next AD (Baker One) on 9th March from 11am till 3pm. Come along and support our cause.

Please watch out for our announcement of JAR’s 5th Anniversary Party which will be held at BAKER ONE Restaurant on Saturday April 12th from 11am – 3pm.
More details to follow!

Thank you for all your ongoing support!!
Donations received:
8000 RMB – BISS
3400 RMB – JAR AD

Expenses for Feb – March:
275 RMB Volunteer lunch & drinks
375 RMB Transportation
700 RMB Merchandise
715 RMB Pet supplies
3780 RMB Medical fees
1500 RMB Beck & Stone Medical bill
4000 RMB Some rescuers/foster carers contributions

Pending/anticipated fees:
350 RMB – Shen Kang vet bill
500 RMB – Rescuer vet bill
220 RMB – Meat Jerkies
500 RMB – Merchandise for donation

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