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Dogs in need of help!

**Email message received **

Hi Guys, I hope you got my previous mail , could we put this cutie on your website hoping that someone will fall in love with and adopt him? Waiting for your reply. Thanks for your help   Simona

Subject: Dogs need help From: simon.z@hotmail.it Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 19:54:38 +0800 To: shanghaidogs@gmail.com

Hi guys ,   Today I went for a walk in an area close to nanjing east road ;
Just behind the shiny buildings I found a street full of decadent rests of houses and made a sweet encounter... 
In the middle of the rubble there is a mamy dog and her pups. They are somehow lucky because 2 nice  ladies , 
who have already very little for themselves , arranged a shelter for the dogs and prepare them some food ( rice and soup) 
every day.    Together with the puppies there's also a dog who can't walk, his back legs seem paralysed ...:( 
although  the ladies told me ( from what I understood interpreting their shanghai 话) that they tried some medicines 
(that they are giving them arbitrarily without any vet advise!) and he had some progresses. 
Even more sad is that very soon also the left ruins of the house will be knocked down to make space to build posh 
compounds ... What will happen to the dogs? :( :(  I told them about JAR and what you guys do for animals , 
I really want to give voice to these lovely ladies so I'm asking for your support. Can we try to get this dogs adopted, 
help to treat the paralysed dog ? Please let me know if we can do something soon!   
My name is Simona and I have the contact of one of the ladies. Looking forward to your feedback!  
Thanks a lot 


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