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Please help……

I first notice this dog in front of my apartment around 1 month ago, I thought he was just hanging around until the next day when i found him laying down not moving. I approached him to check if he is okay, and apparently he was just a bit weak. i started feeding him then. As days pass, he is still seen around my apartment area as i continue to bring him food and water, i notice there are some neighbors bringing him food too, so i started asking around. Apparently as I predicted, I was told that he was once a home dog and he ex-owner abandon him. Its actually quite obvious from his behavior, he is very friendly and very comfortable around me as with my friends who came visiting as well. He now hangs in front of my apartment building and approached me every time i leave and when I come back. I am spending 15mins with him in the morning when i bring him food and 30mins when i walk my dog at night. He plays very well with other dogs. I cant really tell how old is this dog, but from his amazing clean white teeth and bone structure, he should be slightly under 1 year old. Frankly speaking, he has an amazing personality and very very well behave, a lot better than my on dog now even. When I’m not around, i have my friend to come feed him.
I would have adopted him if i’m not in the mist of preparing to leave Shanghai; and i cant bring him in as i am also sending my dog to boarding very often these days traveling between two countries preparing the house back home. Overall he seems very happy, getting fed well and he is free to roam around, but I’m very worry when summer hits shanghai.
If anyone is interested to adopt or foster, I will have him vaccinated and also groomed. I have many pet equipment from my current dog which can be reuse like bed and toys. For those who are interested in fostering, i would be very happy to chip in on the expenses until he gets adopted.

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