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Mama & her kittens

Mama- has been in our garden compound since she born and My husband has been feeding her since she was about 6months- when i returned to shanghai after working overseas i noticed this very cute ginger girl but i noticed she was rather large around the middle, we continued to feed her but i had a feeling that she had already realized she needed a safe place to keep her babies, but one day she came back thin but we never saw any little ones, until one morning i here the squeaky sound of kittens ,i first thought they were outside of our enclosed garden then to finally realize they were behind our boiling system. she was all so proud of herself, the little ones have been with us for 3 weeks and they are out and we have secured a little house under our garden table and they are feed well and cleaned, they are now using the litter tray and are now really becoming active- I want them to stay with Mama until they are old enough to leave, they will be such balanced kitties because they have had just a great start in life thanks to their mama,   but i would love mama to also find a good home with one of her babies, i would love them to go in pairs if that isn’t too much to ask, 1 cat is lonely,  2 are a dream team. I would take them all if I wasnt already a  mad cat woman myself. I am happy to pay for the first injections for the babies and for the spading of mama if someone would like to help me to to give them loving homes.
please contact me on joanne.chenswift@gmail.com

IMG_0904 IMG_0957 IMG_1063 IMG_1065

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