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Mr. Mischief  

I found Mr. Mischief as a deserted stray kitten, late November 2012 inside my compound. Then aged approximately 2 months, someone had either thrown him or dropped him on the roof over the metal door entrance to my building. It was impossible to reach him. But it seems that the guard to the compound had been alerted, & had pulled him off, & dropped him outside the entrance. It was a pretty rainy day, & the kitten was hunched up  & miaowing incessantly behind the bushes. I took him in to dry & feed him, with the intention of having him given over to pet adoption/rescue organisation.  He has been my pet & companion ever since. I am an Australian male, who largely lives & works alone.

Now aged around 1.5 years, he has been medically treated in accordance with his development-from initial treatment (dewormed, deflead) through to neutering, & other assorted minor situations. His treatments have been logged into his medical records log book. He has been treated by Dr. Stephanie Goltz from St. Anthony’s Animal Recovery Hospital, Changning.

Mr. Mischief is now a confident, self-possessed young cat—although scared of strangers. He likes to lounge around the apartment, & has become used to the need for me to shut the door to my office to undertake work undisturbed. He likes to come into my office & lie on my work bench under the computer screen.

Other times, when he feels that he has had enough of being ignored, he will come into my office, & eventually climb onto me, seeking a hug & cuddle. Generally, he is given good attention, & there is good communication between us.

He can be mischievious like all cats, & he likes to play with balls, rolled up paper, & sitting in the pile of papers for disposal. Otherwise, he at times tears around the apartment, playing by himself. We watch tv together in the evenings, & he likes to get on top of the tv & touch the moving images on the screen.

He is fed 3x a day, & he makes it known when he wants to be fed. But I tell him when he’s a bit early for his meal, & he saunters off until it is nearer the time.
He has had a comfortable life while with me, & well cared for. I am now returning home within the next month & seeking a good home for him, with someone who generally & genuinely likes animals.


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