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Can you help?…….Frank’s Story

Hi I’m Frank!  I’m a 7 month old stray dog nicknamed after Frankenstein (because right now I have stiches all around my poor little face and there’s admittedly a resemblance).

Can you believe that someone put a rubber band around my neck when I was very little?  I tried to get it off, but it got stuck around my face and neck, eventually cutting into my skin.  As I grew bigger it cut deeper into my skin until I had a gaping wound all around my face.

On 24th May a nice lady saw me outside a store and gave me some food and water.  I decided to show her my wound too and she couldn’t resist helping me.  I was very brave to not whimper, growl or bark because I want everyone to know I’m a nice boy who will make a lovely companion pet someday.

We went to a vet, and though they had to cut my skin a little more to dig out the buried rubber band, they were able to finally get it off my head.  I already feel so much better, despite being swollen all around my face.  I also got my first shots, flea medication, deworming, antibiotics, pain medication, IV, x-rays and much more.  I’m soon to be groomed and “neutered” too (although no one has told me what that means exactly).
I tried not to show any pain with all the poking and prodding, but the vet quickly discovered that I had been hit by a car and that my back right leg joint is out of place and requires surgery.  I’ve been through a lot in only a 7 month life, and there is more work to be done, but I’m hoping enough people might be willing to contribute toward my surgery.  Only a healthy doggy has a chance at finding a family.  Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (JAR) Shanghai is also kindly trying to help.  Doctors Beck & Stone are also giving some amazing discounts, but it will be about 12,000 RMB to fix me up proper.

If you might like a new canine companion temporarily (foster family) or long-term (forever family), that would be amazing!!!  If you can’t help with that, could you instead contribute to my surgery and care at the vet in the meantime?

If you can help in any way, please contact my lady friend:

Krista Kim (kristakim2000@yahoo.com or 130 4666 8107).

Frank Frank2 Frank3 Franka

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