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Happy new beginning…..

Dear All,
I’m writing with an update on Frank, but first let me apologize for the delay in sending one; it’s been a busy summer with home country travel, some health issues, moving apartments, and changing jobs.  Even so, I am sorry to not have kept everyone up to date along the way with how Frank is doing, but I know write with great news.
As you all know, Frank’s first surgery was to close the wound around his face.  He recovered well, but a more invasive surgery was needed to correct his fractured hip.  Doctors Beck and Stone proceded with this second surgery in mid-June (even though all the money was not yet raised to pay for it!).  They even put Frank’s story on their website to help raise additional funds.  After the hip surgery (in which he was also neutered as well), Frank remained in boarding at Beck and Stone so that he could continue with physical therapy/massage on a daily basis while he re-learned to use his hind leg and we searched for a forever home.
He seemingly came to know the vet office as “home” and consequently became quite comfortable there, despite most animals sensing/disliking being at a vet’s office.  As it was probably the nicest home Frank had ever known (having come from a hard life on the streets), he was apparently always happy and lively when clients and their pets came in for an appointment.
Many people commented about what a great dog he is and fortunately, he caught the eye of some dog-lovers.  The family has two big dogs already (hence the visits to the vet during Frank’s stay there), a big house outside of Shanghai and hearts big enough for one more family member.
So the great news is, Frank has been adopted!  Please find some pictures of Frank at his new home with his “big sisters” (in the other dogs).
I am still awaiting confirmation, but another praise is that I believe all funds have been raised to cover all his expenses.  Thank you so much for being a part of giving this precious boy a Happy New Beginning!
Warmest Regards & Sincerest Appreciation for all Your Help,


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