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We need your help!

** Email received **

Dear pet lovers,

We need help for this little puppies.

We found them, the 20.8.2014, on the street. First we found him, and one day later, we noticed that he has a little sister. They looked very pitiful, sad and ill. For this we took them immediately to the vet. It wasn’t a problem to take and to transport them in the arms in a taxi. They have been very quiet and didn’t made any problems, they both were cheerful, like humans and weren’t afraid.
The puppies had there a lot of medical examinations: blood, ears, skin, fur, excrement. He complained and whined a bit, but I think he had the right to do it, nobody likes examination. She was very uncomplicated.
He is 4 months old and male. We named him Sunshine, because he is so unbelievable cute and positive, I think he will enrich everybody’s life! She is 5 months and the most lovingly dog we know, she is so thankful. We called her Gypsy.
The current medical situation is:

  • Both have Demotex, these are mites that live in or near hair follicles.
  • For treatment they need every week one injection, last week they got the first one.
  • Sunshine needs next week, the 27.08.2014, additional one antibiotic injection ( he already got one last week).
  • Because of the itch from the Demotex mites, Sunshine scratched one ear bloody.
  • The ear must be treated with some lotion one week long and he has to carry a ruffle.
  • They haven’t got fleas
  • They have been dewormed
  • They have been bathed
  • They got vaccinated against everything and rubies from the Shenpu- Hospital
  • They got microchips from the Shenpu- Hospital
  • On the 22.09.2014 they have to been castrated and blood has to be taken and send to Germany (an important step for the export to Europe)

    The vet said everything should be good after the injections and it’s not tragic.
    How you can see on the picture, some stupid person cut Sunshine the fur. Normally he should look like a little golden retriever, said the vet. The fur will grow fast. For this his skin has a few scratches.

First we just wanted to find them a foster place, but now we got so much in love with the puppys, that we decided to take them with us to Germany.

The problem is, that we have to leave to Germany in already 2 weeks, but they have to stay here for another 4 months (until the 21.12.2014). We visited some boarding houses, but nothing seems to be good enough for them, because most of them have only little cages, what is worthless for a dog. We would love and pray, that they can found a lovely family for this time, which has time and love for the dogs, they deserve it so much”
There are also big boarding houses with bigger kennels, than the small boxes, but it’s very expensive and we can’t afford the money for 2 puppies for 4 months. And they don’t devote themselves to the dogs, I don’t think they spend much time with them. But we also can’t let them go back to live on the street!
They both like human, it doesn’t seem, that they have been ever treated violent. They like also other dogs, always when they see another dog they wag the tail and are very delighted. They are very uncomplicated and intelligent dogs. He is very cheerful, like nearly every puppy, and not afraid or aggressive. He just teethes, for this he likes to nibble the leash.

She is a little sweetheart and so kind, so honest, so cheerful when she sees one, we totally lost our heart.
We bought them a dog harness and have been out with them, the walking on the lead was very easy, they learned it already. They are not afraid of cars, loud places, people, big dogs or something else, everything was really fine.
Unfortunately we are not allowed to keep them in the hotel, we asked already several times. And naturally we can’t put them again on the street! Now they are on the boarding house “Zimba” in Songjing, but unfortunately it is quite expensive and they really don’t use much time for the dogs.
Our biggest wish is to find for them for the 4 months a loving person or family with enough place, because they are so innocent creatures, which never have done something and deserve so much, to be well treated. They give so much love and not even want to get something back.

So we called JAR and begged for help. And now we pray, that someone can take this little puppys fast! Please help little Sunshine and Gypsy.

Thank you very much for the time spent listening this appeal for help and please help us!


Cerasela and Oliver Hofmann
Phone number: 15067495397
Email: cerasela.hofmann@freenet.de
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