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Kemp – Rescued dog from Kempinski Hotel!

I was called a couple of days ago from a loving lady wanting to rescue a dog that she has been feeding for a week or two at the hotel she was staying (Kempinski Hotel in Lujiazui). Unfortunately she had to leave for the UK so she asked me to help by feeding it or have someone monitor his situation or rescuing him…..I went for the latter!

So earlier today, I headed out to the hotel.

The email below was an update message to the lady who called me about the dog in the first place. A happy update indeed 🙂

Hey there……

Well I have some news for you………………..I managed to rescue the dog after an hour of waiting and playing the ignorance game with him!  🙂

I scouted the area where you told me to go and I luckily saw him by the back of the DBS building in the parking lot area. He ate a little bit of food I offered him and he was not thirsty. He was very skittish at first, but after half an hour of ignoring him, he got more and more confident and trusted me…..I managed to pet him after 30 minutes and then eventually wrapped my arms around and carried him in the car. The sweetest thing was when I carried him, he whined and gave me licks on my hand. He knew….he just knew he was going to be rescued.

So I am calling him Kemp for the time being (short for Kempinski!! LOL!)…….I took him to Beck & Stone (a reputable vet in Beijing and Shanghai) where he will be monitored and health checked first thing tomorrow morning. We decided to let him be for tonight so he can have proper food, water and sleep! The most important thing is that he is safe and sound.
He is twitching a lot so I am concerned as to what the issue could be. I will know more hopefully tomorrow so I will let you know.

I have attached a few photos for you that I took from my phone. I will send you better photos soon.

With regards to Kemp’s situation, I will let you know. I have asked for the best fees for medical/boarding as the amount will grow quite a bit especially if he requires special treatment.

Anyway, I am very relieved he is now safe and that we can help him recover.

I will keep in touch again soon.

Kind regards,

Founder – JAR
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