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Looking for an adopter…..

Email received:
Hi everyone!

SO sadly I need to leave shanghai ASAP – visa issues .  BUT my huge dilemma is my cat Monty . I Cannot take her with me . as much as I would like to its just not going to work out – the country I plan to move to is not very compliant.


She is a year old female tabby . She is more of a dog then a cat – she plays cuddles complains and loves to snuggle. I’m going to have such a hard time sleeping with out her – she’s a lover.  She pretty small and never misbehaves. She is the kind of cat  you can pick up turn upside down and she would not even notice . And best of all she is so loving. Plus she is the kind of cat that comes running when you call her . I love her to bits!! She is also really good around other cats – I used to baby sit my best friends cat and they just  loved each other .

She needs a family that can love her right back. She is quite a needy cat . but also doesn’t mind spending time alone – Please if you or anyone you know is looking for a sweet little monster like my Monty  please contact me. I need to leave in less then 10 days and I am just so worried about her.

Please contact me either by email phone we chat whatever works! Help me find this cutie a new home.




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