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SSIS Project

Thanking some SSIS students from Grade 10 in raising awareness and funds for our animal rescue group.
They raised a total of 1090 RMB!! Well done!

Please find below more information below of their goal and aim of their project.
It is a group project for our 2014 Grade 10 Perspective Course. In this project, we have to come out with a report with our outcomes as our aim. Our outcomes include, fund raising for your organisation, working at an animal shelter (pending) and creating a video & poster. The visual presentations will be about our experiences throughout this project, and to show the seriousness of animal abuse. We have been working on this project for the past 2 months.

This is an extract from our report:

Our intended outcome is to write up a report, including case studies from global, national, and personal perspectives. We would also do fund raise, video making, and poster designing to show our outcome and results for the project. Our goal is to reach 1000 RMB from fund-raising and will be donating to an animal shelter in order to contribute a better environment for the animals to live in. Volunteering will take place as well like helping to feed and wash the animals, these will be recorded to make a video showing others how we as individuals can help other than just donating. All these can raise awareness also with good supporting data to convince people the seriousness of animal abuse.

Our strategy is to split roles to keep good organization of the progress. We record down our ideas while discussing to prevent us from forgetting and keep ideas floating. We communicate with people among the school as well as around the world through social media, such as Facebook. We had contact with different animal shelters in Shanghai to do volunteering work at.


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