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Puppy available!

Dear Jaiya Friends,

I am contacting you as my kids found an approx. two months’ old puppy. Unfortunately, it turns out he has CDV. I am having him treated at Beck & Stone. If he survives, I will have to find a foster home from next Monday with no other dogs as he will be contagious for another few months. We have another rescue dog we adopted two years ago. Do you happen to know anyone who could foster little Max or have a tip what to do?

He’s an adorable little thing. Many thanks for any advice!



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  1. Kylie Ericksen
    November 20, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Words of advice/encouragement! I have a distemper survivor that survived here in shanghai. I highly recommend antiviral injections as well as oral antibiotics(I recieved both from Paws Vet Clinic) and opted to take care of our little guy at home. I’m not sure how advanced your little ones disease is but we caught ours in the early stages before any neurologic symptoms had set in. We kept him hydrated, fed, warm and loved. I think it is very important with any animal battling such a disease that we give them as much love and attention as possible, to be honest I know that is what helped my little guy pull through. I know their “best odds” are in a hospital hooked up to IV fluids but I don’t think the whole dynamic of being shut in an unfamiliar cold scary kennel does much for their incentive to live. I thoroughly recommend treating at home if that’s an option and if not I recommend going to visit often and taking blankets, towels, toys and bedding that smell like you and can make the little guy a bit more comfortable during his hospitalization. Best of luck. Don’t give up on the little guy and give him all the love and affection you’ve got. Mine pulled through and yours might too!

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