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Looking for a permanent home…

This is our little rescue pup Martin. I found him while walking home from work one evening on the busy street near Liujiazui.. He was being teased by some men on the street and as I got a little closer, I realised his left leg was dangling from his body. I felt so sorry for him but as I already have a rescue dog, I tried to leave him behind, but he wasn’t leaving me behind! He followed me all the way to an intersection where he walked blindly into traffic. This is probably how he broke his leg in the first place. He couldn’t be left on the street after that as I knew he was not a proper street dog and had no chance of survival. He is temporarily enjoying the comforts of our home, but our current dog does not appreciate Martin’s company as much as we do, or else we would really love to keep him ourselves. He is a very sweet dog and loves to be scratched on the neck. He is leash trained, housebroken, and responding really well to the training we are doing with him. He would do really well in a home where he is the only dog with a family who will give him firm guidance on house rules  and spoil him with lots of toys. He loves squeaky toys! Thank You 🙂

20141112_130910 20141115_085350

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