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Appalling cruelty to Rex

** Email received **

Dear all,

First of all I would like to thank you so much for caring about REX! He is a very special case and needs special attention from people like us who want to give him a chance for a happy life!

I agree that in the UK or anywhere in Europe he would have a much higher standard of life, with lots of green around and most important, experienced dog lovers. Here in China, German Shepherds end up being factory dogs, they can’t even be registered in downtown Shanghai. Owners have to hide their dogs and can’t offer them the lives they deserve.

Rex has been lucky! WADS (Wang Ayi’s Dog Shelter) rescued him from the dog pound, treated his horrible injuries and is providing him food and shelter now. But he is a broken sole and needs people who give him back the trust that he probably lost long time ago!
I have never seen such a scared and sad dog.

The good news is, he is getting better, and a very kind Australian woman agreed to foster him for a couple of months. We will be moving him to her home this Saturday. We will need to see how it works out. The conditions at her home are perfect. She has a separate room where we will put a crate for him, so he will be able to hide and take his time as long as he needs. Besides, she has a garden, which helps a lot to take him out. We don’t believe he is ready yet to go for walks, he is just very scared of people and would be just overwhelmed by people, cars and dogs. We need to be careful with him to not to stress him out.

Just to let you know that GSDR (German Shepherd Rescue) based in the UK have set up a page and fund so that we can relocate him to the UK and to the rescue center. So far the amount of £494 has been raised. The target is £2000. Please see the link below for updates.

Thanking all those that are helping and supporting Rex’s cause. He deserves a better life that is for sure!


Again, thank you so much everybody! With your support we will be able to get Rex back to life, a beautiful future is waiting for him!

Please get in touch with me or directly go through the website stated above to donate/contribute to his cause.

Kind regards,

Founder – Jaiya’s Animal Rescue Shanghai
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