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Help needed….

** Repost **

I received your contact info from a friend and I’m writing to you about Lezzy, the German Shepherd we just recently rescued. My wife spotted Lezzy in a small cage in the hot sun for multiple days. My wife inquired and discovered that she was very ill and not given basic food or water. Even at first glance she could that Lezzy was unhealthy and not being well taken care of. She’s a 7 month old pup with big eyes that can melt you. As soon as we were able to pursued the owner to give her to us, we got her to a vet to have her looked at. The vet’s diagnosis is that she was malnourished, dehydrated, has several infections, and some problems with her growth of her back due to being kept in small, confined spaces. We got her all the necessary medications and shampoo to get her back to health. During the vet appointment and her bath afterwards (a total of 4 hours), she never once whined, barked, or snapped. She’s a very happy and loving dog who has simply never had a loving and caring owner. As animal lovers, we knew we had to rescue her from the conditions that she was in. But we are also only able to be short-term foster parents as our living arrangement and long work hours don’t allow for us to give her the attention and love that she deserves on a consistent basis. In fact, today is the second day in a row that I took off of work in order to care for her. We’re willing to keep her a bit longer in order to help get her back to health, but we need to find a place for her that’s able to fully care for her long-term. As soon as she finishes her antibiotics we’ll be able to start her first round of vaccines. She’s also not currently neutered.

Would you let us know if you can help Lezzy or put us in contact with someone who can? She’s a beautiful little puppy and when she is restored to health, she’ll be fantastic for adults, kids, families and even other pets. Her mild manner makes her easy to get along with and she’s even gotten along perfectly with our 2 cats. As I’m writing this email, she’s quietly napping on her blanket.

Best regards,

Tim Kennedy

WeChat ID: timkennedy


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