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Can anyone help Pipi find a loving home?

** Description received:

Pipe is one of the saddest dog stories I’ve been involved with in a while, with such a happy ending.  In May, a neighbor and I rescued him from a horrifying snare trap (likely set illegally by workers to catch rabbits) — the wire was deeply embedded in three of his legs.  Some kids had heard him howling in agony when they were playing quite far away from any houses — the vet figures by how dehydrated he was that he was caught at least 3-4 days.  We didn’t even know if he was an adoptable dog when we cut him out with wire-cutters, since he was wild with pain and lunging at us, plus the vet actually thought she might need to amputate two of his legs …
Fast forward to months later — Pipi (short for ‘wanpi’ meaning full of beans and cutely-naughty!) is full recovered, and uses all four of his legs to jump up into your lap and lick as much of your face in one go as is possible!  He is a darling sweet boy, good with kids, warms up quickly to other dogs if they are friendly back and adores my cat (although he was terrified of her at first!)  He is fixed, up to date with his shots, leash trained, kennel trained and toilet trained … in fact, he has never had a single accident in the house!  We have a disabled baby at our house through Baobei and absolutely can’t keep him, as he still has lots of ‘puppy’ in him (he’s not a year old yet) — meaning he is rambunctious, wiggly, and energetic, and has inadvertently knocked the babe over as he tried to lick him enthusiastically.
Can you offer Pipi a forever home and complete this sad-to-happy story?  He may take a day or two to warm up and get over no longer being with us (he is crazy with love for our family) but I promise you he will be a loving, loyal pet for anyone willing to give him a chance!



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