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Poor dog tied up to a tree…

** Email received:

There is a small dog tied up at the entrance to my neighborhood. She looks like a Chihuahua mix. Tonight will be the third night she has been tied up to the tree – three days and nights now tied to that tree. She has been getting food and water from the guards, but she belongs to no one. I can’t take her in; I leave in 3 days for the US. I have brought food to the guards, and today took some string to make the rope longer – she was barely able to lay down with the leash so short. AS soon as I extended her rope, she went pee and poop. I feel so bad for her, but I can’t take her in and leave immediately.

If you know of any options, or can rescue her, she is just inside the entrance to the Willowbrook neighborhood of Yuanshan Lu (just in from the corner of Yuanshan and Jinxiu East). I know you can’t respond to everything; there just isn’t capacity. But I feel like I have to try…

All the best,

** Update: She is now in the vet and has been treated (deflead/dewormed). She will also be vaccinated and spayed soon.

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