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We need to help her…….

Where she was found: Near the Shanghai American School Pudong
Who Found her: Barbara (librarian) in SAS
Who rescued her: Marney & her ayi
Name given: Brary
Gender: Female
Age: Approx 1 year old
Health: Major mange, in-grown nails, fractured paw….and trauma.

What was posted………….

Sometimes my heart breaks when I see such cruelty to animals. This sweet dog has been terribly abused. I saw her on the road with the horrendous chain around her neck. Hoping across as cars and busses whizzed by. She has been rescued by our good friend and her ayi. She is currently at the vet and and being treated. We managed to get the chain off her neck and the dog licked them!…no growling, no biting. She is a sweetie. We are calling her the library dog…and raising money for her vet bills…So anyone wanting to donate…please let us know.
How we treat our animals says so much about the state of our heart!

Please contact us if you are willing to help. We will be seeing her this weekend to provide more items such as blankets, food, toys and chew bones…….a lot of attention and TLC will go a long way!! 🙂


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