JAR’s Mission

 JAR is a non-profit small animal rescue group that is committed to protecting and improving the health and welfare of animals through pet health care, education, and the promotion of adoption / fostercare as an alternative approach to purchasing animals. We are dedicated to domestic animal population control, promoting pet adoption/fostering and reducing the incidence of abandonment.
JAR 是一个专门救助小动物的非盈利的组织,通过宠物卫生保健,教育,和对领养和寄养的宣扬,专门致力于保护和改善动物们的健康和福利状况. 我们致力于动物数量控制,宣传宠物领养和寄养以及减少动物被遗弃的概率.

We at JAR believe that every animal deserves to be safe, secure, healthy and in a loving home.

JAR’S mission and vision is to raise funding to support local animal welfare projects, co-operate with other organizations that seek to upgrade their facilities and services, inform and educate the public about animals and to work with individuals or people who have a true passion for the animal well being.

We recognize the critical need to enhance public awareness and understanding (through either school programs, events, community events, informational pamphlets and forum discussions) of such issues as general pet care, training, spaying/neutering, disease prevention and animal behavior.

Don't Shop.....Adopt!

Don't Shop.....Adopt!

  1. Linda Lauv
    August 24, 2012 at 3:41 am

    Hey guys,
    Who do we get in touch with for adoption?

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