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Puppies available for adoption!

Email received:

The puppies were born in my home. I haven’t fixed the mummy dog because my stupid tenderhearted, thinking she will suffer from it so much. I really regret about it and I think that is my responsibility to find a home for them. My whole family loves them so much but we already have 2 big dogs at home and that is not enough space for 5 dogs in my home in the future. So I have to find a good and responsible home for them. I hope your organization can help me, please. And thank you so much for helping me to fix my mistake.

自家狗狗生的狗宝宝,由于我的不忍心,没有事先做到节育。很后悔。家里人都很爱 每只狗狗,但无奈家里已经有两只大狗,加上3只小狗,未来家里的空间完全不够。故 求助于贵机构,希望帮狗宝宝找到更好的,能负责一生的家庭。特别感谢,帮助我弥 补我的过错。

Puppies are approx 2-3 months old. Vaccinated, dewormed and deflead
Contact rescuer: Cathy
Cell: 18516534580

Puppies are: Bian Bian (Male), Da Huang (Female) & Hua Hua (Female)

Bian Bian Da Huang Hua Hua

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Emergency foster home needed!

We are looking for an emergency foster home for Teddy. Can anyone help out?
Please see information attached!


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Mao Mao kitten available for adoption


This kitten will be an AWESOME pet! So friendly and engaging. This two month old kitten was rescued from a busy street corner. She had fleas and needed a meal, but was otherwise found in good health. She was taken back to the rescuer’s home to be fed, and has not left the property since. In just one week, the kitten has shown great loyalty to the rescuer’s family. She responds to a call, and follows her human companions, looking for interaction and affection. She is very trusting when handled and loves to play. She shows all the signs of a great pet. She has been treated for fleas and de-wormed.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed

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We need to help her…….

Where she was found: Near the Shanghai American School Pudong
Who Found her: Barbara (librarian) in SAS
Who rescued her: Marney & her ayi
Name given: Brary
Gender: Female
Age: Approx 1 year old
Health: Major mange, in-grown nails, fractured paw….and trauma.

What was posted………….

Sometimes my heart breaks when I see such cruelty to animals. This sweet dog has been terribly abused. I saw her on the road with the horrendous chain around her neck. Hoping across as cars and busses whizzed by. She has been rescued by our good friend and her ayi. She is currently at the vet and and being treated. We managed to get the chain off her neck and the dog licked them!…no growling, no biting. She is a sweetie. We are calling her the library dog…and raising money for her vet bills…So anyone wanting to donate…please let us know.
How we treat our animals says so much about the state of our heart!

Please contact us if you are willing to help. We will be seeing her this weekend to provide more items such as blankets, food, toys and chew bones…….a lot of attention and TLC will go a long way!! :)


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Temporary home needed!

** Reposting:

hi, this might not the right place i ask but i am trying anyway…I need to move to Singapore in the middle of September and my cat is under procedure of relocation…but i found out he only is able to fly January next year. then I need to find someone to take care of him till he can fly. at this moment, I am Dr Jenny Yu of Jialiang for his relocation procedure. I very much appreciate if you could help me to find someone for me and him….
Hello Marvin!

Thank you for your quick response.
My wechat is kominainsh.
phone number is 13918623574.
Name Gingy.
Born in China.
Approx a year old.
Smart, mummy’s boy, had never met any other cats or dogs except for at kennel for shampoo..
thank you and warm regards,
namiko nakano

FullSizeRender IMG_0138 IMG_0591

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Poor dog tied up to a tree…

** Email received:

There is a small dog tied up at the entrance to my neighborhood. She looks like a Chihuahua mix. Tonight will be the third night she has been tied up to the tree – three days and nights now tied to that tree. She has been getting food and water from the guards, but she belongs to no one. I can’t take her in; I leave in 3 days for the US. I have brought food to the guards, and today took some string to make the rope longer – she was barely able to lay down with the leash so short. AS soon as I extended her rope, she went pee and poop. I feel so bad for her, but I can’t take her in and leave immediately.

If you know of any options, or can rescue her, she is just inside the entrance to the Willowbrook neighborhood of Yuanshan Lu (just in from the corner of Yuanshan and Jinxiu East). I know you can’t respond to everything; there just isn’t capacity. But I feel like I have to try…

All the best,

** Update: She is now in the vet and has been treated (deflead/dewormed). She will also be vaccinated and spayed soon.

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Found Dog


I need your help to spread the photos of this dog which I found in Nanjing Road.

I saw her standing alone on the street in front of Hotel Radisson Blue, 88 Nanjing West Road, Huangpu. Then she followed me till I stopped by a small shop to buy her a food.i rescued her and now she is staying with me.

She is about two years old, recently had puppies and groomed (her hair style is like Lion), very friendly to human and like to eat dogfood. I am sure she must have her owner somewhere.

You can contact me at 13817402010 or Wechat ID: Christieholzer

Thank you for your help

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