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SAS Fundraising & recognition……

Shanghai American School was very successful with their fundraising event to support our rescue group!

With Kiss the Dog fundraiser … along with a continued bake sale and the amazing JAR letters made out of cinnamon rolls! Amazing & tasty!


A generous donation ($100) was also received from the Geurten-Murphy family. To commemorate their father’s life and his love of animals (he used to rescue dogs in Dubai), they asked me to pass on their donation in his memory.
Thank you to the family and thank you to the loving, caring spirit of Rick Murphy.


Here is a photo of Rick with his two dogs, Fred and Barney, that he rescued from the desert in Dubai… They had quite a shock when they moved back to Canada and introduced them to snow for the first time!:-)

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Looking for another home…….

Dear Jaiya’s animal rescue team,

I rescued a cat a couple of years ago, but must now leave the country and am now looking for a new family for my cat, Teddy. Taking her with us is too complicated & stressful.

3 y.o. female, spayed & vaccinated is looking for a new home. Owner will provide you with all her stuff: closed litter box, automatic dry food dispenser, box, combs…

Please contact if you are interested!

Thank you!
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Milo looking for a home….

Thank you for replying so soon. Here is some information about Milo: He is 1.5 years old, all white short hair with bright green eyes. He is neutered, vaccinated, doesn’t have fleas or worms and healthy except his hearing is poor. He loves to be petted.


Wechat is Springrose83 and cell number is 13760639299 if anyone is interested.

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Lost kitten

I’m hoping that you can please help me find this missing kitten, or can put me in contact with other organisations that can help.
He is avery friendly, very small, grey striped, male kitten, around 12 weeks old.
Last seen on night of November 25 in the laneway behind building 25, 169 Jiashan Lu, near the corner of Yongjia Lu in Xuhui District.
This kitten is still feeding on his mother’s milk, and has two identical brothers and a sister in his litter. He is the runt of the litter so I have been helping to take care of him.
If somebody has seen this kitten, or has adopted him, please contact me. I am concerned and would like to know that he is safe and happy.
Two recent photos are attached.
Thank you,
Louise 130 5255 3950
路易斯 130 5255 3950
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Story of Porcupine….


Click PORCUPINE STORY for PDF version!

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Puppies available for adoption!

Email received:

The puppies were born in my home. I haven’t fixed the mummy dog because my stupid tenderhearted, thinking she will suffer from it so much. I really regret about it and I think that is my responsibility to find a home for them. My whole family loves them so much but we already have 2 big dogs at home and that is not enough space for 5 dogs in my home in the future. So I have to find a good and responsible home for them. I hope your organization can help me, please. And thank you so much for helping me to fix my mistake.

自家狗狗生的狗宝宝,由于我的不忍心,没有事先做到节育。很后悔。家里人都很爱 每只狗狗,但无奈家里已经有两只大狗,加上3只小狗,未来家里的空间完全不够。故 求助于贵机构,希望帮狗宝宝找到更好的,能负责一生的家庭。特别感谢,帮助我弥 补我的过错。

Puppies are approx 2-3 months old. Vaccinated, dewormed and deflead
Contact rescuer: Cathy
Cell: 18516534580

Puppies are: Bian Bian (Male), Da Huang (Female) & Hua Hua (Female)

Bian Bian Da Huang Hua Hua

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Emergency foster home needed!

We are looking for an emergency foster home for Teddy. Can anyone help out?
Please see information attached!


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