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Looking for another home…….

Dear Jaiya’s animal rescue team,

I rescued a cat a couple of years ago, but must now leave the country and am now looking for a new family for my cat, Teddy. Taking her with us is too complicated & stressful.

3 y.o. female, spayed & vaccinated is looking for a new home. Owner will provide you with all her stuff: closed litter box, automatic dry food dispenser, box, combs…

Please contact if you are interested!

Thank you!
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We need to help her…….

Where she was found: Near the Shanghai American School Pudong
Who Found her: Barbara (librarian) in SAS
Who rescued her: Marney & her ayi
Name given: Brary
Gender: Female
Age: Approx 1 year old
Health: Major mange, in-grown nails, fractured paw….and trauma.

What was posted………….

Sometimes my heart breaks when I see such cruelty to animals. This sweet dog has been terribly abused. I saw her on the road with the horrendous chain around her neck. Hoping across as cars and busses whizzed by. She has been rescued by our good friend and her ayi. She is currently at the vet and and being treated. We managed to get the chain off her neck and the dog licked them!…no growling, no biting. She is a sweetie. We are calling her the library dog…and raising money for her vet bills…So anyone wanting to donate…please let us know.
How we treat our animals says so much about the state of our heart!

Please contact us if you are willing to help. We will be seeing her this weekend to provide more items such as blankets, food, toys and chew bones…….a lot of attention and TLC will go a long way!! 🙂


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East West mama cat and her kittens…..

Saturday 9th May, 2015

I will be carrying out a TNR project at the East West Restaurant in Jinqiao Pudong to spay/neuter the residence cats that are ‘hanging’ around the restaurant. There are approx 15 – 20 cats that requires neutering and spaying.

Thanks to the help of Angel (restaurant manager), I successfully managed to rescue a mother cat and her 3 kittens.\ today.
They are all now safe and sound in the vet. Healthy and the kittens will receive their 1st vaccine shot in a week or two however they have had their deflea and deworming treatment.

Mother cat (Mao Mao) ~ approx 1.5 years old – deflead. dewormed and vaccinated. Will be spayed next week.
Black kitten (Xiao Hei) ~ female
White kitten (Xiao Bai) ~ male
Black & White kitten (Chaplin) ~ male

If anyone is willing to help by fostering or adopting, please get in touch with us!

Thank you for your support!


Founder – JAR

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Abandoned little guy…

So I received a phone call the Sunday just gone just before leaving for my adoption day event. Our friend was just walking along Jinxiu Lu/ LanAn Lu and came across this little guy tied up to a tree with dog food beside him!  Just so sad and disappointing that someone out there can do this but this is the norm…..

we took took him to the vet and had him checked over. He is a male, approx 10 years old. Not neutered and has very bad gums/teeth problems. We will have him vaccinated, dewormed, deflead, neutered and have his teeth cleaned a little.

we are hoping to find a loving foster carer willing to look after him long term till his time comes….or someone willing to adopt him.

please let us know if you know of anyone willing to do this for him.

Thank you for your support!

Marvin – Founder

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Kemp – Rescued dog from Kempinski Hotel!

I was called a couple of days ago from a loving lady wanting to rescue a dog that she has been feeding for a week or two at the hotel she was staying (Kempinski Hotel in Lujiazui). Unfortunately she had to leave for the UK so she asked me to help by feeding it or have someone monitor his situation or rescuing him…..I went for the latter!

So earlier today, I headed out to the hotel.

The email below was an update message to the lady who called me about the dog in the first place. A happy update indeed 🙂

Hey there……

Well I have some news for you………………..I managed to rescue the dog after an hour of waiting and playing the ignorance game with him!  🙂

I scouted the area where you told me to go and I luckily saw him by the back of the DBS building in the parking lot area. He ate a little bit of food I offered him and he was not thirsty. He was very skittish at first, but after half an hour of ignoring him, he got more and more confident and trusted me…..I managed to pet him after 30 minutes and then eventually wrapped my arms around and carried him in the car. The sweetest thing was when I carried him, he whined and gave me licks on my hand. He knew….he just knew he was going to be rescued.

So I am calling him Kemp for the time being (short for Kempinski!! LOL!)…….I took him to Beck & Stone (a reputable vet in Beijing and Shanghai) where he will be monitored and health checked first thing tomorrow morning. We decided to let him be for tonight so he can have proper food, water and sleep! The most important thing is that he is safe and sound.
He is twitching a lot so I am concerned as to what the issue could be. I will know more hopefully tomorrow so I will let you know.

I have attached a few photos for you that I took from my phone. I will send you better photos soon.

With regards to Kemp’s situation, I will let you know. I have asked for the best fees for medical/boarding as the amount will grow quite a bit especially if he requires special treatment.

Anyway, I am very relieved he is now safe and that we can help him recover.

I will keep in touch again soon.

Kind regards,

Founder – JAR
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Dasha & Fred

Dasha and Fred:

A lovely couple looking for a loving home.

Brother and sister are about 9 weeks old by now and one falls in love with them at first sight. Dasha, the female kitten, is a brave and cuddly one. She would be the one trying to climb on everything first and does not mind falling off several times in a row. Fred seems to be the smart one. He is more careful at the start, looks at everything first and when he decides finally to give it a try he most likely succeeds. He also needs his cuddling times, but always decides when he wants to have them: most likely once a day they would both hop onto my lap and fall asleep there together.

Being kitten they love to play a lot, where an old shopping list can be more exciting than the best bought toy.

Dasha & Fred 1 Dasha & Fred

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Rescuing Little Whitey

A posting was received on Weibo about a stray dog that had major skin problems wandering around the Guanglan Lu Ming Yuan compound and was again  re-posted by other rescue groups weeks ago.

A kind hearted individual (Brent) who lives in the compound persisted and made contact with various animal rescue groups as the dog really needed medical attention and wanted further support and assistance in rescuing the dog. Unfortunately, there were not any individuals who were available to physically help out.  At the end of the day, the dog (named Little Whitey) needed help ASAP.

I wanted to do whatever I could to help the dog and provide support to Brent……costs/fees and funding was the last thing on my mind.  The mission was to rescue Little Whitey. Cut a long story short, it took a few weeks to rescue him but finally we managed to rescue her last night (9th Aug).

Thank you to Brent and his family for helping out and for another lady (Ellen) for enticing the dog to come in the building. With determination and perseverance, Little Whitey came to trust us…She is going to be safe and sound and will recover to full health again soon…..thank goodness!

Please get in touch with me if there are people willing to donate and assist us with her medical care. I appreciate any help given.

Thank you again for your support!




This is how she looked like late last year! She was owned before till she got a little sick so the owner abandoned her!
I got this information from Brent’s neighbor whose dog used to play with Little Whitey.

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Finally rescued her! Road to recovery from now on…….

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