Dog Training Guide from Astrid (our beloved ‘Dog Whisperer’)….

Before you decide to take your new doggy friend home, you should already have had some questions discussed at home:
·         How do you want your dog to behave when you come home?
·         How to you want your dog to behave in other  situations?

Now you know, which behavior you are going to reward in the future.
For the first one to two weeks you should weigh in the mornings the daily portion of food, and now you have many treats to reward your dog for it to behave well (without it gaining weight).
Let your dog do little tasks to get little parts of his food:

·         Call your little friend and give a reward for coming
·         Reward for sitting while waiting
·         Reward for 2 sec waiting without jumping
·         Reward for 5 sec waiting without jumping
·         Reward for 30 sec waiting without jumping
·         Reward for not barking
·         Reward for bringing a toy to you
·         Reward for  playing with the ball
·         Reward for staying on his place
·         Reward for …..
The list is almost endless. You should reward your friend so he/she knows what you want him/her to do, and that it’s always good to come to you.
At the end of the day you can give a last call to your dog and give the rest of the food at once.

Please observe your own behavior:

How do you react to the dog?
The dog wants attention and food. When does he get it?  When is he/she jumping at you? Or when he/she stays down on the ground and waits quietly?
Quite often we pay attention to our dogs as soon as they show bad behavior, as long as they are well behaved, we ignore them – this can lead to a change in the dogs´ behavior  in the worst case and former well behaving dogs become bad behaved.
Please make sure, your dog receives (several times a day) some quality time, let him/her do some physical work and some brain work as well. They are very intelligent and love to work (brain + body), a tired dog less often behaves badly. A 10min treasure hunt inside the house will exhaust your dog almost as much as  a 30min walk.

Please, don´t hesitate to ask for help when you have problems with your new friend, especially when you think your dog shows aggressive behavior.  For these case you need a specialist to come to your house and have a close look at your situation….




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