JAR Bulletins
We have created this page to collate and accumulate JAR ‘guides’ for information purposes.
Links to each document are listed below.

We hope it will come to good use for you all!
Thanking our volunteers to making the effort and time to produce the bulletins!

Bulletin 1  JARs foster parents needed
Bulletin 2 JARs guideline for a lost pet
Bulletin 3 JARs winter and Chinese new year
Bulletin 4 JARs rescue of stray animals
Bulletin 5 JARs Pudong partner needed
Bulletin 6 JARs Introducing cat to a new baby
Bulletin 7 JARs Toxoplasmosis and Pregnant Women
Bulletin 8 JARs Neutering and Spaying
Bulletin 9  JARs Chaining a pet
Bulletin 10 JARs Dental health
Bulletin 11 JARs Blindness in Cats
Bulletin 12 JARs Blindness in Dogs
Bulletin 13 JARs Introducing a cat to a new home
Bulletin 14 JARs How to keep your pet happy and active
Bulletin 15 JARs Vaccinations for Cats
Bulletin 16 JARs Vaccinations for Dogs
Bulletin 17 JARs Constipation in Cats
Bulletin 18 JARs Constipation in Dogs
Bulletin 19 JARs Rabies in Cats
Bulletin 20 JARs Rabies in Dogs
Bulletin 21 JARs How to potty train your dog
Bulletin 22 JARs foster parents needed CHINESE VERSION
Bulletin 23 JARs How to sanitize pet carriers and cages
Bulletin 24 JARs Diarrhea in Cats
Bulletin 25 JARs Diarrhea in Dogs
Bulletin 26 JARs Aggressive behavior in Cats
Bulletin 27 JARs Mange in Dogs
Bulletin 28 JARs Eye Infections in Cats
Bulletin 29 JARs Eye Infections in Dogs
Bulletin 30 JARs Newborn Kitten Care
Bulletin 31 JARs Newborn Puppy Care
Bulletin 32 JARs Veterinary hospitals and pet supplies
Bulletin 33 JARs Dog Walking
Bulletin 34 JARs Cats awake at Night
Bulletin 35 JARs Cat Cerebral Hypoplasia

Statistics on Animal Welfare in Shanghai JAR April 2011

New JAR Regulations from MAY 2011 – English and Chinese

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