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Getting a Dog Licence in Shanghai

It is important to abide by the laws of Shanghai and obtain the proper license for your dog. Failure to do so may result in drastic measures of having your pet removed instantly with no guarantee of its return. To obtain a dog license, you are required to apply for a Certificate of Immunity for Dogs in Shanghai. When your dog has been approved for the certificate of immunity, and all its vaccination checked, then a shot containing a chip will be given to the dog. The following is required to apply for a Certificate of Immunity for Dog and getting the dog license.

Requirements for getting the Certificate of Immunity for Dogs in Shanghai

(1) If your dog has been neutered or spayed, request a proof from your Vet.

(2) Take the dog to the authorized places listed below in #4 for vaccination. First time vaccination and ID chip is 120rmb. In subsequent years the dog only need to get the rabies vaccination for 60rmb/year, plus yearly registration fees. Obtain the certificate of immunization from the center after the rabies vaccination.

(3) Bring pet owner’s ID Card, passport, residence permit or rental agreement (as proof of address), 2 passport size photos of dog owner and the certificate of immunication from #2 above to the nearest police station to apply for the dog license. If you reside within the Inner Ring: the license registration fee is 500rmb/year. If you reside between Inner Ring and Outer Ring: the regisration fee is 300rmb. For suburban areas outside of the Outer Ring: the fee is 100rmb/year. If your dog has been spayed and neutered (with proof from authorized hospitals), the fee will be halved.

(4) There are 20 designated pet vaccination centers located in Yang Pu, Hong Kou, Pu Tuo, Zha Bei, Jing An, Huang Pu, Lu Wan, Xu Hui and Chang Ning. Please go to the one for your residential area. The list can be seen here: … _75334.htm

Besides the government places listed in the link, there are some local hospitals authorized to give Rabies shots and to do the microchipping. Please call the number of your district office listed in the link for the hospital nearest to you.

Pet-in-Shanghai ( offers assistance with the dog license application process. You can contact Sabrina Feng directly at 137 6146 7251 for more details.
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