** Xiao Wu **

Hi Marvin, 

Its been a month since Xiao Wu moved in.  (I chose to use the name — “Little Number Five” as it fits well with his character and sticks on everyone’s mind)
He is a wonderful fellow – no bad habits and very tame, very obedient and easy going (but tends to growl at other dogs… have no idea why!!!)  Initially he was adamant and refused to eat.  After two three days, he adjusted to his new home and bed, then quickly developed separation anxiety.  He used to follow me everywhere in the house, and never let his eyes off me (except sleeping time).  (See the photos – taken during this phase)
Now he is better, knows when i am leaving the house and going to bed, and doesnt stick like super glue anymore.  He is still recovering from a cold and diahrrea, but otherwise is a healthy doggie.

He endured a 8 hour drive to southern Zhejiang last weekend.  No complains throughout the drive. 
This dog really deserves a good home.  Im glad we found each other!

  1. kannika
    July 28, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Lucky Xiao Wu. I am happy for both of you.

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