Chico’s new home!

Pic 1: Chico asking for cuddles
Pic 2: Chico and Sanya starting the “playing-time”
Pic 3: Here we go!!
Pic 4: Sharing toys with baby Charlie (who is in a cage, huh?!)
So, everything started with someone who wanted to get rid of their English bulldog (1 year old, I guess it was not as cute as when it was a puppy). It’s been few days I told my husband that Sanya (our baby doggy) needs a friend to play and to learn to share.
This bulldog would be perfect!
We organized a meeting with the dog, our daughter, ayi and Sanya, and when the time finally arrived, the dog’s owners decided to ask us 3000rmb!!!
I told my husband that there is absolutely no way I am “buying” a dog…too many abandonned dogs to adopt. So, we’ve contacted ***** (another association that rescue animals), who never got back to us (either there are no unfortunate dogs – that would be great – , or we are not good family enough for them).
My husband found Jaiya’s Animal Rescue website and we saw that there were 75 dogs to be adopted!!! 75!!!
OMG!!! How can people do that???? Too many…what a shame!
I then sent a mail to JAR, and Marvin replied to me in less than 20 minutes, sending me the papers and asking me few questions…etc. But mainly, telling me that we should now chose a dog we’d like to meet so he can organize everything. The most difficult part!
I’m now trying to persuade my husband that 5 dogs it’s not a lot, but he refuses and tells me to pick one up. But I want at least 5!!! HOW AM I GONNA DO????
We then decided that he chose 2, I chose 2 and we discuss…Well, I still have 5!!!
He showed me Chico (aka chocolate)…and my heart just miss one beat. I LOVE HIM!!!! Now, I have 6 dogs!!! WOO HOO!!!! He told me that it’s the one, the dog that everyone in the family would pick up etc…but will he adopt us?
I then contacted Marvin and he organized a meeting the day after. We met Chico, and he came home 2 hours after.
So we are now a very happy family of 6 (Charlie, David, Ayi, Sanya, Chico and I). Chico is having a lot of fun with his new girlfriend Sanya, he’s always very interested in the baby (she always share her toys or food with him), he’s going out 4 times a day, all his little skin problems dissapear slowly without any medicines…he is an AWESOME baby doggy!!

Thanks to JAR, Marvin and the rescuers! (I am still working on my husband to have a third dog).
The Ghani fam’

  1. Mica
    December 28, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Aah what a kind person you are wanting more dogs! I,m sure you have enough though to keep you busy, seems a happy household!

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