Lily & Milo’s forever home…..

Lily & Milo’s forever home…..

We are so thankful to JAR for rescuing the 2 kittens that are making our new place in Shanghai really feel like a home.  Lilly and Milo are the perfect editions to our lives.  Nothing beats coming home to 2 fuzzy kitties who are just waiting to play and be loved.  Milo is such a lover. He just purrs and purrs and purrs and loves being held and pet.  Lilly is turning into a beautiful cat.  She prefers to sit on her own chair and get the occasional petting instead of a good cuddle, but she’s warmed up to us quite a bit and we love her quirkiness. 
One way we can get her to stay and hang out with us is by putting her under the blanket.  She loves being all covered up and warm.  She still wants to climb everywhere and everything.  We feel bad that we don’t have more things for her to conquer but we did get a tall scratching post that she adores and can climb on. 
Their favorite game is playing with a laser pointer we bought from the Science and Tech market. They make the strangest noise, kind of like a clicking noise and their little faces twitch when they are hunting it.  Kind of like the noises cats make when they see a bird.  It’s adorable!   

I’m so thankful to JAR for helping us find Lilly and Milo. 
We can’t imagine our lives without them. 

  1. Mica
    December 28, 2012 at 11:18 am

    Hi, thanks for rescuing these adorable kitties.

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