Song Song in her new home

Song Song has been returned to a pet shop after giving birth to her babies. When we adopted her a few days after, Song Song and I found a kitten abandoned on Fuxing Lu. We took the kitten back home and, although people say Chow Chow don’t get along with cats, she loves Xiaomin (her new name) and Xiaomin has adopted her. Xiaomin is a very lovely dog. She understands Chinese commands very well, so she gets me to practice and improve my Chinese! I teach her some tricks, like jumping over a short wall, walking over narrow benches and giving paw. She is learning fast!
My husband likes to play with her in French and she understand what he says. A bilingual dog, can you believe it? It did not take long to get familiar with her and for her, to get used to us as her forever family. Oh, and needless to say, she is receiving lots of compliments when we are walking her down the street. People are attracted by her nice stuff toy looking face. And me, well, I have joined a community of Chow Chow owners on the web, so I am definitely into helping her to receive an interesting dog’s life!

Song Song & her little friend!

Song Song & her little friend!

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