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Puppies available for adoption!

Email received:

The puppies were born in my home. I haven’t fixed the mummy dog because my stupid tenderhearted, thinking she will suffer from it so much. I really regret about it and I think that is my responsibility to find a home for them. My whole family loves them so much but we already have 2 big dogs at home and that is not enough space for 5 dogs in my home in the future. So I have to find a good and responsible home for them. I hope your organization can help me, please. And thank you so much for helping me to fix my mistake.

自家狗狗生的狗宝宝,由于我的不忍心,没有事先做到节育。很后悔。家里人都很爱 每只狗狗,但无奈家里已经有两只大狗,加上3只小狗,未来家里的空间完全不够。故 求助于贵机构,希望帮狗宝宝找到更好的,能负责一生的家庭。特别感谢,帮助我弥 补我的过错。

Puppies are approx 2-3 months old. Vaccinated, dewormed and deflead
Contact rescuer: Cathy
Cell: 18516534580
E-mail: cathy8809@163.com

Puppies are: Bian Bian (Male), Da Huang (Female) & Hua Hua (Female)

Bian Bian Da Huang Hua Hua

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