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Kitten in need of fostering/adopting

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I am sure this the one of many emails you have received about a found kitten as it is that time of year where the city is overflowing with the new litters.
I have a 7 week old kitten that I picked up off the street last night. I took her to PAW where she was given a clean bill of health along with meds for an eye infection. Being that i have been in Shanghai for several years, I have saved/fostered many a kitten and normally would be more than willing to foster this one. Unfortunately, I leave for the states in two weeks and am unable to care/foster the cat beyond June 15th. She is a lovely, wee little girl. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Puppy looking for a home…..



How are you? I hope you doing just fine.
I recently rescued a puppy who was crossing a big intersection close to my home alone.

He is two months old boy, healthy and vaccinated. I foster him at my home, he is playful.


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Foster Parent needed

I was referred to your organisation by my vet from Becks and Stone.
Currently I am looking for a loving foster home for my rescue kitten Li (from middle of June until middle or end of September 2016).
Although you mostly take care of dogs I want to reach out for your help because all the other animal rescues have rejected my request already.
Please take a minute to read about my situation – I really appreciate your feedback (even if you are not able to help me!) or any kind of tip you have:
– Li is now 2-3 months old
– he’s vaccinated with all the basics, healthy and very playful and activ
– in order to „export” him to Germany he needs to be tested officially on rabies (EU regulations)
– this whole process takes a lot of time, altogether up to 4 months
– foster time would start in the middle of june, 13 june 2016 to be precise
– if I won’t be able to return back to Shanghai earlier I would pick him up in the beginning of september
– I will pay for his food, toys, cat litter, medical bills if necessary, etc.
– my friend lives permanently in Shanghai and would work as an emergency contact for the foster parents (for example if the foster parents would have an emergency and wouldn’t be able to take care of Li any longer my friend would jump in)
– my friend is always traveling and not experienced with cats, so he is unable and unwilling to take care of Li
About me:
– I am original from Germany a great animal lover and very experienced with cats and dogs
– I only have a tourist visa at the moment that’s why I have to leave Shanghai soon
– I am planning to move permanently to SH but first I need to find a job
– I calculate with the worst case scenario (being able to pick Li up only in September not earlier)
I want to point out that I really want to keep Li – I have invested a lot of care and money for his well being so far (he was very weak and ill when I rescued him) and I am very concerned about him. I could have given him away to an animal shelter already because it’s quite a complicated situation but I promised him (and myself) to take good care of him and that’s what I am going to do, whatever it takes. I wanted to find a job in Shanghai not a cat – but life happens and I’m not a person who runs away from responsibility. SO: I am very aware of the problem that there are too many „leftover“ foster kittens – all I can say is that I promise to pick him up in September. If you first want to meet me before deciding if you can offer help – no problem, just let me know when and where.
PLEASE if you know loving, experienced and trustful foster parents – let me know!
I would love to meet anyone in person who is interested in taking care of my cat.
Feel free to give my contact details to any potential foster parents:
WeChat ID: sab_sh

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SAS Fundraising & recognition……

Shanghai American School was very successful with their fundraising event to support our rescue group!

With Kiss the Dog fundraiser … along with a continued bake sale and the amazing JAR letters made out of cinnamon rolls! Amazing & tasty!


A generous donation ($100) was also received from the Geurten-Murphy family. To commemorate their father’s life and his love of animals (he used to rescue dogs in Dubai), they asked me to pass on their donation in his memory.
Thank you to the family and thank you to the loving, caring spirit of Rick Murphy.


Here is a photo of Rick with his two dogs, Fred and Barney, that he rescued from the desert in Dubai… They had quite a shock when they moved back to Canada and introduced them to snow for the first time! 🙂

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Looking for another home…….

Dear Jaiya’s animal rescue team,

I rescued a cat a couple of years ago, but must now leave the country and am now looking for a new family for my cat, Teddy. Taking her with us is too complicated & stressful.

3 y.o. female, spayed & vaccinated is looking for a new home. Owner will provide you with all her stuff: closed litter box, automatic dry food dispenser, box, combs…

Please contact if you are interested!

Thank you!
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Milo looking for a home….

Thank you for replying so soon. Here is some information about Milo: He is 1.5 years old, all white short hair with bright green eyes. He is neutered, vaccinated, doesn’t have fleas or worms and healthy except his hearing is poor. He loves to be petted.


Wechat is Springrose83 and cell number is 13760639299 if anyone is interested.

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Lost kitten

I’m hoping that you can please help me find this missing kitten, or can put me in contact with other organisations that can help.
He is avery friendly, very small, grey striped, male kitten, around 12 weeks old.
Last seen on night of November 25 in the laneway behind building 25, 169 Jiashan Lu, near the corner of Yongjia Lu in Xuhui District.
This kitten is still feeding on his mother’s milk, and has two identical brothers and a sister in his litter. He is the runt of the litter so I have been helping to take care of him.
If somebody has seen this kitten, or has adopted him, please contact me. I am concerned and would like to know that he is safe and happy.
Two recent photos are attached.
Thank you,
Louise 130 5255 3950
路易斯 130 5255 3950
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